How to Choose a Website Domain

Domain names don’t have to be complex. Get our tips today!

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Questions this video answers:
  1. What should my domain name be?
  2. How do I pick a url for my website?
  3. What are some guidelines to choosing a website domain?

Are you stumped as to what your domain name should be? Don’t be! Don’t over-complicate things. Be you. This video will walk you through the important things to consider and help you feel more confident when choosing a domain name. If you need extra help, we have downloadable checklist you can use for guidance.

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One question we get a lot is, what should my domain name be? A lot of us might be inclined to go after keyword-heavy domains. But our advice is: Focus on your brand. Don’t think about just keywords. With the Exact-Match-Domain algorithm change, those keyword focused domains don’t do the trick anymore. And they certainly don’t rank you #1 with zero effort put into it. So what does this mean for you?

Branding should become one of the most important factors when choosing your domain. This is how people will remember you. How they will quickly identify “hey, that’s that team” within search. So when beginning to decide what domain name you will use, think about these things: What is your team name? What sets you apart?

While keeping these questions top of mind – there are a few important things to consider when LANDING on a specific domain name. First, make it easy to remember. No one knows of Johnny Whistle here, because his domain name is Build your online presence with a name that people can remember.

Second, You should avoid using hyphens. Hyphens take away from a domain’s credibility and can act as a spam indicator for search engines. Especially if you choose something like “” Also, shorter domains are easier to remember, easier to share, and have a smaller chance of being prone to typos.

Last, but not least secure a .com address. Most people will assume and type in the .com address, and if you are at a .net address then your customers may be sent to an unrelated website. We don’t want that to happen. Having your domain name focus around your brand and not NECESSARILY your location allows you flexibility in your business and the services you provide.

Your domain name will, and should be, tied to all of your marketing efforts, so use this as another opportunity to set the brand standard of WHO you want to be!

Naming Guide to Website Domains

We've put together a checklist to help you pick out a domain name for your website.
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