How Does a Search Engine Work

Google, Bing, Yahoo — Uncover the mystery to these search giants.

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Questions this video answers:
  1. How does Google find my website?
  2. What does a search engine do?
  3. What are spider robots?

The main purpose of a search engine is to help you find the most relevant information on the web (based on what keywords or query you searched). This video will walk you through just how a search engine works. It will dispel any myths of how Google, Bing, and Yahoo all deliver search results, and will show you where you should focus your business efforts.

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One question we get a lot here is, how do search engines work?

Search engines aren’t waving magic wands to find what you’re looking for. Instead, they have a very methodical process that rivals Doc Brown’s Back to the Future formula. And it all starts with robots. Yep, thats right, robots. These “bots” or “spiders” crawl the web for sites & links. It marks the links found on your site. These marks point to other places online, and this help the bots capture information.

This is called Indexing. Think of the index as an online library. When you type in a query, search engines try to match YOU with the best and most relevant indexes as possible. Similar to how a librarian would recommend a book on what you’re looking for.

Based on your search, the engines look through billions of stored indexes and then populates results on a page through complex mathematical algorithms. This whole process – from crawling, indexing to what you see on a results page – takes less than a second!

Search Engine Manual

Know how Google and the rest find your website, rank it, and match it with search queries.
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