Keywords: What’s Their Place Today

Old-school SEO says keywords are important. But are they?

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Questions this video answers:
  1. Do keywords still matter for SEO and search engines?
  2. How many keywords can I stuff into my website?
  3. What keywords should I choose to improve my SEO value?

No one likes reading a blog post stuffed with keywords and more keywords. Mentioning “real estate” and “homes for sale” fifteen times in a small paragraph isn’t going to add any rank juice to your website. Search engines are out to provide real value to real people, so learn what position keywords have in today’s SEO world.

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of SEO?

Almost anyone will say KEYWORDS! We get so many questions on this topic: How to rank for specific keywords, which ones should be in your content, and how many secret places you can keyword stuff to improve your rankings. There was a time, I will admit, when including lots of carefully thought-up words in your blog’s keyword field could have done you a bit of good – but those times have long since passed.

Search engines have grown and evolved and have algorithms so advanced, they can consider many factors other than how many times you said real estate in your post. They can consider the quality of your content, its potential usefulness – like if it included how-to video – They’ll consider how many other sites link to your article, possibly how many times it’s been shared on social media, if you have good online reviews – the list goes on!

It’s still important to consider keyword research– you just don’t need to list out every possible query you think someone might search for in that keyword box. My advice to you is to take a laid back approach – don’t lose sleep over whether or not you said “Charleston Homes for Sale” enough times in your blog. Make your content sound natural, conversational and above all – useful to the reader. If you’re generating awesome, relevant content, most likely the right keywords will fall naturally into place.

Watch our SEO Options Explained video if you need a little guidance on the keyword field and the other fields in that tool. Happy Optimizing you guys! Thanks for watching.

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