Local Citations: Put Yourself on the Map

Think of citations as the “phone book” for the internet. Make sure your info is there.

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Questions this video answers:
  1. What are local citations?
  2. How will local citations help my business?
  3. Are local citations like the yellow pages?

Can you imagine finding a business online with no information? Contrary to many assumptions, search engines like Google don’t automatically pick up your contact information and display it. Sometimes they need a little help — and having the right local citations can budge that in the right direction.


With accurate mentions of your business name, address, and contact info across online directories, it helps match local search users with local businesses. That’s why it’s key to getting your citations consistent across the board. Learn all the basics in our video today.

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Local business citations are mentions of your business’s name and address on any webpages other than your own. Just like we used to use the Yellow Pages as a resource for finding local businesses, there are now thousands of online directories that allow you to create business listings.

Citations are a major factor in the ranking algorithms used by search engines like Google and Bing, so businesses with a greater number of citations often rank higher than those with fewer. Search engines want to display the most relevant information, so they strive to serve results that are local to the user. Without local citations, search engines won’t be sure of your location or that you’re an established local business.

In order to qualify for a local business listing in any index, there are four qualifications your business must meet:

  • You must have a business name.
  • You must have a local phone number that matches your city of location – not a shared phone number, toll-free number, or call tracking number.
  • You must have a dedicated physical street address – not a shared address, PO box, or virtual office.
  • And lastly, you must make face-to-face contact with your customers.

There may be some teams that share office space and could run into a few bumps in the road getting their businesses verified – but most of you should easily meet all the criteria. As you create these citations, remember to keep the information consistent. Your name, phone number, address, and website need to be an exact match across all webpages. Now that you understand the importance of your citations, it’s time to find out how you measure up! Download our guide on how to do a quick and easy audit of your most important local citations with free online tools.

Happy optimizing, y’all!

Guide to Local Citations

Ever tried to find a business without an address? Set up your local citations with our guide.
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