WordPress SEO Options Explained

Unveil the purpose behind “Title Tag” and “Meta Description.”

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Questions this video answers:
  1. What is a meta-description and title tag?
  2. How do I add meta-data to my blog posts and website?
  3. What guidelines should I follow with SEO?

Ever wondered what the SEO options box was for? WordPress makes it easy to optimize your content for search engines, so homebuyers and sellers can find your online content quickly and easily. This video includes best practices and strategies for this tool set.

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While writing content for your BoomTown site, you may have noticed a tool called “SEO Options.” If you’ve watched our video explaining how search engines work, you should understand the importance of this tool and how it gives your content the most bang for its buck! Let’s say your team specializes in retirement condos – this is an example content piece you’d create as a resource for potential leads. Odds are, they’ll do research online before they make the big move – this tool helps them find your guide during their research process. Let’s walk through the options we’ve got here.

This first is your Title Tag. Not to be confused with the “post title” up at the top of the page, the Title Tag is what appears in search engine results. There isn’t much space to work with here, so to ensure the full title is displayed, keep it under 55 characters. Now, what information actually belongs in this field? Consider the end user, they’ll want to know 1) what the post is about and 2) if it would answer the query they were searching for.

If it’s a retirement guide for a specific city, that’s exactly what should be in the title tag. And If you have enough characters remaining, go ahead and include your brand name. This is not the time or place for a bunch of spammy keywords. Please don’t include “real estate” or “homes for sale” multiple times in this field. Google isn’t fooled by keyword stuffing and it can do more harm than good.

The next field, meta descriptions, are the blocks of text that appear below the title tag on the search results page. The idea here is to entice the searcher to choose your content. Give a short description of what your content piece is about, how it can benefit them, and WHY they should click.

These need to be under 150 characters. Fortunately, BoomTown doesn’t allow you to exceed that length in this field – No need to count your letters! Again, not the time or place for keyword stuffing. “Real Estate Retirement Guide for Phoenix Real Estate in the Arizona Real Estate Market” isn’t helping them and it isn’t helping you. Make this description helpful to the reader.

Last but not least, what you’ve all been waiting for – KEYWORDS! The verdict is in and search engines are no longer interested your keyword field. They care about the quality of the content, and in their minds – if you need an extra field to explain what your content is about, it probably wasn’t very good to start with. Seriously, LEAVE IT BLANK.

Happy optimizing you guys, thanks for watching and remember to download the cheat sheet of examples!

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