So, I Got a Bad Comment. How Do I Respond?

Bad comments are tough to deal with. Learn our tips today!

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Questions this video answers:
  1. How do I respond to a bad comment?
  2. If someone writes something mean, how should I get my revenge?
  3. I'm scared people will see the bad comment. What do I do?

Online reviews are becoming more important by the day, especially in the real estate industry. With the ability to write commentary, sometimes you’re going to get a bad comment. It’s inevitable, and it’s going to hurt. But don’t take it to heart. This is the perfect time to show your true colors and be of service. To learn how to handle any negativity posted online, watch our video for helpful tips.

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It is inevitable. Not everyone will love you and your brand. You may from time to time find a negative comment, post or review about your team and services, but this isn’t always a bad thing if you know how to handle it.

Through engaging your customers’ negative feedback in a positive and constructive way, more people will see you as genuine and humble. So how do you handle these situations? Here are 3 Principles to help handle every negative comment that comes your way on social media.

1. Don’t React. Respond Appropriately.
After reading a negative comment it can be extremely hard to not take it personally. It can make you want to justify yourself and your business by responding: “That this comment is totally wrong, or he or she is simply misinformed.” While this is natural, try to avoid emotional or accusatory responses. Instead take a deep breath and respond in a balanced, appropriate and professional way.

2. Brevity Is Key.
You know what people say, “the shorter the better.” You don’t want to be going on and on in your response to a negative comment. There is no need to be airing your dirty laundry for the world to see. Instead, address the situation, take ownership and be empathetic.

3. Flip the Script.
When handled correctly, a negative comment is a great opportunity to highlight your business’s many positive qualities and strengths. For example if someone says “Why do I have to register to see more photos,” Replying with something as simple as “Go ahead and register, the worst thing that can happen would be our customer service team calling you to see how you’re doing?” can work to remedy the situation. This is a great way to frame your brand’s customer service mission while also acknowledging the commenter.

Bad Comment Response Guide

Everyone gets bad comments/reviews from time to time. Learn how to respond with our guide.
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