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Questions this video answers:
  1. What tools can I use to hold my agents accountable?
  2. Are there tools I can use to hold myself accountable?
  3. How do I maximize accountability with my team?

Holding your agents accountable doesn’t involve advanced spy tactics. There is no Red October to worry about, but you do want to set the standard for work production. This can all be handled with a few, simple tools found around the internet. In today’s video, we’ll show you which tools we recommend for maximizing your accountability.

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Lets talk about really utilizing your accountability tools. Heard the phrase “Inspect what you Expect?” Even with your busy schedule you can quickly and easily support your agent’s success by reviewing the accountability tools that will help you track your teams progress. What tools, you ask? Lets review a few examples that can help you help your team.

Daily Activity Report: You can print off or share this report with your agents. Every day, during their designated prospecting time, the agents can track their efforts and in turn you have a clear picture of where they are succeeding and where they need some extra coaching.

Google Calendar: This is the easiest way to track how many appointments your ISAs or agents are scheduling, going on, or that were cancelled. Side Note: This is also a great way for the ISA and agents to be on the same page and communicate about newly set appointments and if the agent has confirmed the appointment.

Accountability Report: This report should be reviewed weekly to ensure the agents are not missing any opportunities by not contacting their leads. The Accountability report shows how many leads each agent has been assigned in a time frame and which of those leads certain actions have not been taken on. Don’t forget to review our Call and Email Accountability Reports as well. Holding your team accountable does not have to take hours out of your week. Make sure you know what tools can help paint that clear picture and you will always know where your pipeline stands.

Daily Activity Report Template

Need something to keep you on task? Check out our DAR template.
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