Agent on Duty: Pros and Cons

Learn the benefits and trade-offs to using the “Agent on Duty” business model.

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Questions this video answers:
  1. Is the Agent on Duty model right for my business?
  2. Will the Agent on Duty model assist me with lead management?
  3. What should I know about the Agent on Duty team model?

Are your agents struggling to keep up with leads that come in on a daily basis? If so, the Agent on Duty model may be the right fit for you. Setting a daily rotation for lead distribution helps your agents know when to focus on their existing clients and when to nurture new leads. This can drastically improve productivity and quality in service. As you decide if this business model is the right move, get all the pros and cons from our video, and be sure to download our tip sheet on the various team models in real estate.

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Team models come by the dozen. ISA and Lead Scrubber models all come with high praises, but there’s one advantage Agent on Duty has over others: your leads won’t pile up! With leads coming through the door everyday, it can become tedious for a single person to keep up. Think about “The Coyote” trying to keep up with Road Runner. Eventually, you’re going to get real tired and end up with a big ol’ pile of leads.

The Agent on Duty model can avoid this. For example, if you have one agent responsible for the leads that come in on a specific day, they can answer them right away. There’s no funneling and there’s no time delay. That agent’s one task for the day is simply answering leads.

But there is a drawback. Without a lead scrubber or ISA, you don’t have that pre-qualification phase, to verify if the leads are real. The agent on duty will be responsible for that. So since your agents will handle all aspects of lead management, you’ll need a process to train and hold your agents accountable. So, if you have a limited budget on people you can hire, and you want faster lead follow-up, try the Agent on Duty model.

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