Creating a Process for Your Agents

Eliminate guess work and have a process for your agents!

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Questions this video answers:
  1. What should my process be for lead follow up?
  2. How should I implement a process for my agents?
  3. What are the benefits to a defined process vs being flexible?

Are your agents struggling with who to call, when to email, and should they text? Having an agent process will eliminate the guesswork and frustration, leaving your team with a set plan they can focus on. A detailed process will make sure leads are nurtured efficiently and agents stay productive, so be sure to get all the details in our video today. If you want to learn more about team models, you can download our tip sheet and collect all the pros and cons.

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It’s the day of the big game! What if the Coach and his team stepped onto the field not knowing their plays? It would be chaos! A bad experience for everyone and I’d bet, they wouldn’t be the ones to take home the win. Make sure your agents are prepared! Eliminate the guess work and frustration of “Who do I call?” “When do I email?” “Should I text?” and map out how you want the leads to be nurtured before they arrive on the site.

Here’s an Expert Tip: Each time you reach out to a lead, go ahead and set a to-do for your next touch. So, once the lead registers you’ll need a  Qualification Process to cover contacts for the the first 10-14 days and a Long Term Nurture Plan to make sure leads who are further out in the home buying process aren’t forgotten.

Knowing how each lead should be contacted will allow you to identify where you might be losing people and need to make a change. It will also help engage your agents in the system and be a key part of holding them accountable. You can’t hold them accountable if you don’t have standards set in place , right? Having your game plan will ensure less stress for you and your agents and result in a higher level of service for your leads. Still have questions? Check out our suggested nurture plans.


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