Does Your Site Match Your Target Audience?

Attract the right clients with a targeted website.

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Ever wondered what content you should have on your site to keep your visitors engaged? We’ve outlined some great places to start grabbing visitors’ attention, but the short answer is content. Over 90% of leads are starting their home search on the internet, so by having engaging content on your website, you’re more likely to capture their attention. In this video, we cover everything from homepage images, writing local guides, and providing content for clients you specifically want.

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Over 90% of leads are starting their search on the Internet,
so make sure your site keeps them engaged.

First impressions are everything-
Think about what visitors see when they first come on your site.
Your homepage image should showcase your target area.
If you’re in Idaho maybe you shouldn’t have a beach scene with palm trees.

One thing to always remember is that you are the real estate expert.
Make sure your site reflects that and sets you apart.
You want visitors on your site to know that you are the
go-to agent for luxury homes or vacation homes for example.

To get started, ask yourself who the main buyers and sellers are in your market.
Are they retirees or first time home buyers?
Once you’ve narrowed that down, you’ll want to have content
on your site that gives them more information
about what appeals to them and helps them in their search.
So, maybe you create a first time home buyers guide
or explain why your area is great for retirees.

There are a lot of different ways to add content to your site, but guide pages are a great first step
Guide pages allow you to showcase specific neighborhoods, communities,
or school districts on your site.
Most people with families want to live in a specific school district for their kids,
So write content about neighborhoods that feed into specific schools
but also highlight the community and what there is to do there.

Once you’ve built out your guide pages, it’s time to add more unique content to your site.
You can do this through blogging regularly or
highlighting preferred vendors on custom content pages.
The key is to set yourself apart from your competition and provide great value to your visitors.

Stumped on where to get started?
Check out our videos on content writing!