Lead Follow Up in 90 Seconds

In 90 seconds you’ll have a list to prioritize your day for optimal work settings.

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Questions this video answers:
  1. What tools can I use for lead follow up?
  2. How can I improve my lead follow up?
  3. Can I prioritize my work with the BoomTown CRM?

Time is hard to find and easy to lose. When it comes to lead follow-up, we can easily be distracted by incoming calls, alerts on our phone, or even the daily grind of showing houses. To stay productive and keep your lead follow up on par, it’s important to stay organized. In today’s video, we’re going to show you some helpful tools you can use and outline strategies to improve lead management.

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What if you only had 10 minutes to prioritize your day. Where would you start? I’m going to show you in 90 seconds where to get started. First things first. Log into your Boomtown CRM and see if any leads were assigned to you since your last log in. Follow up with those leads first before moving on.

There are 4 tools you should use to start your day:
1- Hot Sheet, 2- To-dos, 3- NOW Panel, and Segments in Lead Central.

First check the hot sheet and see what’s new on the market or recently reduced. Pay attention to which properties have best fit leads and send those leads an email so you can show them you’re keeping them top of mind

Now I’m sure you’ve been creating to-dos for all of your leads, right? Check what needs to be crossed off the list for today, so you can move on to other opportunities. The NOW panel or New Opportunity Wall shows you a variety of thing your leads are doing including, which leads are back on the site, interested in a particular listing or one of your listings. You should be reviewing this list multiple times a day to see what new opportunities are knocking at your door

Don’t forget about the default segments in lead central! Reviewing which leads have never been called or you need to keep trying with, gives you a hit list of people to follow up each day. You should also have a saved segment that outlines the criteria for your dream client list so you can quickly see if you have any new leads that fit that list.

There you have it! Having a prioritized list of things to do, helps streamline your day and make sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

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