Following Up with Active Leads

Buyers are looking. Sellers want to sell. Have a plan for them.

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Questions this video answers:
  1. What should my follow up be for active leads?
  2. Someone just registered on my site. How should I contact them?
  3. What's the best strategy to follow up with active leads?

Is your lead database continuing to grow and you aren’t sure what to do next? To grab the attention of those who are actively searching your website (and for those who are serious about real estate), make sure you have a process to following up with them. We’ll cover everything you need to know for “active lead” follow up in today’s video.

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Your BoomTown database is continuing to grow – which is amazing and you may be thinking who should I call or what should I do next? Don’t sweat it – here are some quick tips on how and when you should be following up with your leads.

Let’s start with New leads. Call them immediately! Your chances of connecting drastically decreases after 15 minutes. And don’t just try once. Most sales are typically completed between the 6th-12th contact. If you don’t reach them the first time, go ahead and move them to Qualify.

Your Qualify leads are those that you are trying to make contact with. You are working to get some important information, like what’s their time frame? Where are they looking? will they need a mortgage? You will want to have a clear qualification process to follow.

Here’s a snapshot of the first few days of BoomTown’s Lead Qualification plan. These plans should not last any longer than 2-3 weeks. If you haven’t heard back from the lead during that time, go ahead and move them to Archive. Expert tip: Sort by the “Last Visit” column to see which leads have visited the site recently. This could indicate that the lead is getting serious about their home search.

Now, let’s move on to Hot leads. These are leads that are committed and ready to buy. You should be following up with these leads on a daily basis. Pick up the phone and call them.

Okay – let’s talk about your long term leads. You can’t forget about them. Those that are more than 3 months away from buying. Continue to send them e-Alerts to keep them coming back to your site. Keep an eye on their site behavior and follow up with them frequently. Here’s another expert tip: If a lead is more than 30 days out, follow up with them in half the time. For example: If a lead is 6 months out from purchasing a home, follow up with them in 3 months.

And lastly, those leads that have spent time browsing on your site but aren’t currently committed to purchasing a home. Similar to your long term leads, continue to send them e-Alerts and keep an eye on their site behavior.

Lead Follow-Up Template

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