How Many Leads Do You Need?

Learn how many leads you should distribute to your team each month.

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Find out how many leads your team needs each month. Just think ratios! Leads > Appointment > Appointment > Closing. Finding our how many appointments each of your agents need to get a closing, and then finding out how many leads your agents needs to get an appointment is all you need. Learn all the details in our video today!

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Would you be able to tell me
if I asked you
how many new leads your team
should be receiving this month?

If the answer to that question is “no”
then listen how you could be
saving yourself some cash.

If your agents have too many leads,
then it’s like a squirrel stashing away nuts
for winter
and then completely forgetting
where the nuts are!
You’re buying leads
that will never be properly followed up with
and ultimately, will never close.

Being able to determine
how many leads is right for your team
means you’re going
to need to do some research.
You’re going to need to find the ratio
of how many leads an agent needs
to get an appointment
and then how many appointments
he needs to get to a closing.

So, for example, if you know
that your agent closes one deal
out of every 5 appointments,
then how many qualified leads does that agent need
to get those 5 appointments?

Other variables you need
to take into consideration
is each agent’s conversion rate,
the amount of leads in their database,
and how much time they will be dedicating
to prospecting.

Knowing this information
will not only save you money,
but also will save you
from having agents frustrated
with the size of their database.
It will allow you to build and
adhere to a follow up process.

So, please
take the time to work on these numbers
and implement this strategy.
You’ll be glad you did!