The Most Important Question You Aren’t Asking

Learn the best question to use in your follow-up strategy.

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Questions this video answers:
  1. What question should I ask when calling my lead for the first time?
  2. How should I follow up with leads?
  3. How can I improve my lead follow up?

When calling on new leads, it’s easy to focus too much on making sure you overcome objections and convert the lead to “contact successful.” But, if you establish your expertise and genuine interest to help them achieve their real estate goals, you will have set the foundation for a great relationship. By asking the most important question during that initial call, you are eliciting the most important information that will drive your connection. Watch our video today to learn what question you should be asking!

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“What’s prompting your move?”

Simple enough question right? But are you asking your leads this? If not, you should be.

When calling new leads, scripts are very important. They ensure you are asking the right questions and getting the necessary information to properly qualify the lead. But buying and selling is a big decision and usually comes from a major life transition. So, asking the right will get you the right answer and in turn help you really understand their goals and dreams.

Change your goal of qualifying leads. Refocus from just simply converting a lead to getting to know who they are, so you can provide the best service out of the gate. This simple question focuses your immediate conversation and next steps AND helps you keep your clients focused during the buying and selling process because you knew exactly how to service their needs because you asked the most important question. “What’s prompting your move?”

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