Lead Scrubber: Pros and Cons

Need help managing leads? Learn if the Lead Scrubber model can help!

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Questions this video answers:
  1. Can the Lead Scrubber model help me with lead management?
  2. What are the pros and cons to hiring a lead scrubber?
  3. How is a lead scrubber different than hiring an ISA?

Is your lead follow-up lacking? Do you need a method that ensures leads will be called right away? Employing the Lead Scrubber business model might be the right balance you’ve been looking for. It assists agents in their follow-up, helps them sift qualified prospects to your team, and increases productivity across your business. To get all the details about the Lead Scrubber model, check out our video. If you’re still not sold, download our tip sheet about the various team models you can employ in your business.

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Feel like your leads need some cleaning up? The scrubber method may be just what you’re looking for!

The scrubber model is a method of lead distribution where a ‘scrubber’ is responsible for making the first contact with leads on behalf of the agents. Using a little elbow grease, the scrubber should be trying to find out if the lead is a viable prospect, as well as some additional details about their search.

After successful contact the end result should be a cleaned up lead who is then re-assigned to an agent. Leads can be reassigned based on a rotation schedule, location, or price point of the lead. Some teams even do it by agent specialty and personality.

The scrubber method is best for teams with the resources to employ the role, and who have agents that are highly motivated as they will need to carry the lead through the entire nurture process. Upsides to having someone scrub the leads include a quick response time upon lead registration, agents not needing to focus on immediate lead follow up, and a low pressure first-call to leads, since the scrubber does not necessarily need to be a licensed agent.

Some cons to this model include accounting for the scrubber’s compensation, the lead having multiple points of contact, having an additional team member to manage, and finding the right person for the position. For more information, be sure to check out our Team Model Tip Sheet in the description below.

Team Model Guide

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