How to Motivate Your Agents

Be a cheerleader. Be a mentor. Be everything.

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Questions this video answers:
  1. How do I get my agents excited about work?
  2. What ways can I motivate my team?
  3. Can I increase my team's performance?

Picture Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now picture him in a meme. Now picture it on your computer. If he’s not pumping you up, it’s time to look at some strategies for motivating the whole team. By getting your agents excited, you can create a culture of success, improve productivity, and increase collaboration. All these elements add up to more money for the business. So, let’s take a look at some strategies in today’s video.

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Have you ever felt like everyone was on the same page during the meeting only to look back some time later and see that nothing was accomplished? Well, you’re not alone! Motivation is half the battle if you can get your team motivated in some form or fashion, it not only takes a huge load off your shoulders, but also makes attaining your goals a lot more fun.

So whether it money or just a sense of accomplishment think about what motivates YOU and how you can get your team pumped to move the needle on production. This could be as simple as a team call night, where you provide food and drink in a more laid back setting or sharing success stories on a regular basis. And as we all know friendly competition can also be a driving factor even more so when there is a prize involved. So, whatever the driving factor is make sure that your expectations are clear and that you’ve got the buy in from your agents.

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