Offline Marketing for Real Estate

We’ve heard the digital marketing hype, but offline marketing isn’t dead.

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Online marketing is not only necessary; it’s very effective. But, did you know 39% of sellers who used a real estate agent found those agents through a referral by friends or family? Surprising? No. To ensure you get referrals and maintain your local presence, we’re going to talk about traditional marketing efforts that still have an impact. We’ll cover the most popular techniques and strategies, and help you choose the right lead generation plan moving forward.

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Even with the majority of potential homeowners turning to the internet for their real estate searches, I am here to tell you that traditional marketing is not dead. Far from it actually.

We see great success with our clients who get creative with their marketing efforts, like radio spots, newsletters, community events, and more.

Choosing whether to spend your money on offline or online marketing can be a hard decision. Our advice? Diversify.

One benefit of a continued focus on traditional marketing, is that it helps establish your presence as the local expert and keeps you front of mind.

A few proven strategies include: sending just listed or just sold postcards, creating a mini-magazine for a specific community or your past clients, or even hosting an annual block party.

I have a client who even owns a team branded moving truck. Talk about creative exposure.

Now how do you take all of these ideas and create a cohesive plan? We have a few tips to get you started

First and foremost, identify your farm market and SOI
create a plan and be consistent!
schedule out your marketing materials for the whole year in advance
and finally, know your unique value and sell yourself!

The main takeaway is that you can create a traditional marketing plan that works wonders with your locality. Offline marketing can help you establish a local presence that online marketing sometimes can’t. Feeling inspired? Be sure to download our Marketing plan outline to get started.