What is Lead Generation?

The Ins and Outs of Capturing Leads Online and Offline

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Learn about what lead generation is, the different methods of lead gen (online and offline), and what you should be doing with your BoomTown site from a lead gen standpoint.

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True or false:

Your BoomTown site will generate leads all on it’s own,

without any additional marketing effort or spend.

If you answered true, then I’m especially glad you found this video,

because the answer is false- so pay close attention!

Lead generation, or lead gen, is an important piece of your business.

And while having a BoomTown site will help to capture leads,

it is unfortunately not a magic bullet to actually generate them.

Just like any other site on the web,

if people don’t know your BoomTown site exists

they won’t know to visit it and ultimately register as a lead.

So, what do you need to do to generate these leads and drive traffic?

While there are lots of options,

I will give a big picture overview to get you started.

Lead gen methods can be categorized into two buckets- online and offline.

Online methods include things like paid search,

or PPC, Zillow, social media, and SEO or search engine optimization,

which will involve adding original content to your site.

Offline will encompass the more traditional avenues, like mailers, radio, or print ads.

No matter what route you decide to go, make sure you are tracking your marketing ROI!

Keep in mind the differences in the types of leads each method

will produce, and check out two of our other videos

that dive into more details about your online and offline options.

Then, schedule some time to chat with your success manager about what will be best for you.