The Difference Between Categories and Tags

How Categories and Tags Can Help Organize Your Content.

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Questions this video answers:
  1. What's the difference between categories and tags in WordPress?
  2. What categories and tags should I use on my blog?
  3. How many tags should I write for my blog post?

Are you cranking out blog posts to an extent that Lance Armstrong might have trouble keeping up with? If you’re beginning to notice your blog is quickly filling up with posts, it’s time to start thinking about organization. Learn how the Category and Tag functions in WordPress can keep your website clean and organized, so users can find their way around.

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I’m not gonna lie, letting your brain run rampant and jotting down any crazy ideas does sometimes produce great results.

But amidst all these ideas, you do need organization, which is what the Categories and Tags options are in WordPress. If you see your blog getting cluttered with featured listings and How-tos, then it’s time to break them into buckets. Featured listings go here. How To articles go here. City guides go here. And so on. Each of those buckets will be a category. That way, everything stays organized. Tags on the other hand though are meant to highlight any key qualities about your content.

So, if I was writing a featured listing about a luxury home, I might add some tags like: swimming pool, in-home theater, 2 stories. That way, if I happened to be searching homes with swimming pools, I would be able to click your blog’s tag and see other homes that have swimming pools. Think of them as all those extra search functions you have on your BoomTown website. People can narrow down their home search by price, number of bedrooms, and so on. With categories and tags, a reader can do the same on your blog. For more information about what we’ve discussed, you can download our cheat sheet to categories and tags in the description below.

Categories vs Tags Guide

Learn the difference between WordPress categories and tags in our interactive guide.
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