Don’t Get Caught Cheating on Content

Search engines don’t take kindly to cheating. Make sure you avoid the biggest mistakes!

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Questions this video answers:
  1. Should I stuff my blog post full of keywords?
  2. How do I fit "real estate" in my blog 1000 times?
  3. Can I copy content from one website and put it on mine?

It’s real easy to cheat. One little “copy + paste” starts off as an innocent move, but search engines like Google don’t think lightly of those who spam content and links. Get to know what’s right and what’s wrong before Chuck Norris unleashes law and order on your website. You know very well you can’t beat him, but once you’re in the dog pound, it’s very hard to get out.

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Alright guys, we’ve all done it at one time or the other. We’ve took that little sneak peek at you know who’s paper and we’ve all copied from someone else. Now, if you cheat with your content writing, Google is gonna catch you and they’re going be like a raging spouse when they find out. that includes getting your butt kicked out of google’s house… which are the search results.

To make sure you don’t get the boot, let’s go over some rules with content writing.

Number one: Don’t blatantly copy content from one site to the next. Even I’ve seen my fair share of real estate agents copying wikipedia stats, but guys, that is plagiarism. You’re breaking the rules when you do that, so if you’re going to use another person’s content, you need to put it in your own words and that also includes other websites you own. Google doesn’t care that you own both and They care about originality.

Obviously though, if you’re quoting someone that is completely fine … as long as you cite them. It’s only when you start mass-copying material that google decides to take some serious action. Plus copied content never ranks well in Google, so why waste your efforts?

Other cheats you want to avoid include (all slides): link spamming, keyword stuffing, meta-data stuffing, and lastly, invisible text. Google has seen all these tricks, so if you try them, you’re swimming at your own risk.

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