Customizing Your WordPress Blog Post

Explore all the options on the Visual Editor to jazz up your latest post.

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Questions this video answers:
  1. Can you help me use WordPress?
  2. How do I write a blog post in WordPress?
  3. What can I do in WordPress?

Articles without breaks, lists, headers or any leadership throughout the story are oftentimes passed over for more interactive content. Make your blog posts easy to navigate with the simple tools on the WordPress Visual Editor (the toolbar at the top of your WordPress ‘Post’ Page). These options will quickly help you take your article from a block of text to an easy-to-use resource for your clients.

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So I have good news and I have bad news. The bad news? You can publish the best article you’ve ever written, but unless it looks good. No one is going to read it. The good news? Your WordPress editor makes it easy as pie to turn your article into the whole online package every time.

Let’s discuss two game changers on the toolbar: changing the size of your headers and using lists. These two tools easily take a mass of text and transform it into a well organized article. Ultimately the headers of the page create a hierarchy and separate your main points. This helps your readers eyes to gravitate towards information they need.

Not every blog post will have several sections, but for those that do use the header dropdown to divide your article into easily digestible points. In order to keep your article simple and draw readers’ eyes to the main points, stick with Headline 1 or 2, otherwise it quickly becomes chaotic.

Ready for the second game changer? Me too, this one’s my favorite because I love lists and step-by-steps. The bullet and numbered tools make your words easier to digest and transform them into a course of action. If you have any information that could be listed or turned into a series of steps use these handy buttons and wham. You’ve automatically turned your content into actionable items.

For details about every button on the toolbar, consult our handy WordPress Toolbar Map for full descriptions. It is ready to download on this video’s page below. But for now just remember to use our gamechangers to take your readers from a passing glance to engaging with your article.

WordPress Editor Guide

Need help using WordPress? We have a guide to help you start writing blog posts!
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