How to Schedule Your Blog Posts

Stick to the schedule with our publishing tips!

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Questions this video answers:
  1. When should I publish blog posts?
  2. How often should I write blog posts?
  3. What time should I post to my blog?

Having ample content on your site is never a bad thing. However, publishing all of that content without a schedule leads to chaos. Make it easier on yourself and for your audience by establishing a publishing schedule for your blog. In this video, our tips for when to schedule, publish and promote content will simplify your strategy and maximize your efforts.

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A good conversation goes a long way when it comes to doing business. But as you know, a large majority of people now turn to the internet to search for homes. So, the issue is, how do we continue those great conversations online?

The answer? Creating and sharing content. When you are ready to publish your content, make sure to schedule an appropriate time. You wouldn’t try to have an important conversation with someone when they were super busy, so make sure to not do this online either. We suggest posting in the mornings, either on weekdays or weekends, generally between 9 and 11am.

By this time personal emails have been answered and people are on to checking their facebook updates, scanning news sources and you’ve got it, searching for homes. After you schedule your posts, follow up by scheduling your Facebook promotion. The content itself is the main event, but the social promotion is your invitation. And without an invitation, a heck of a lot less people arrive at the main event. Scheduling not your thing? You can download an example of an editorial calendar on this video’s page in order to get a taste of our suggestions.

Content Posting Calendar

Know when to publish and how often with our kick-starter calendar.
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